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May. 26th, 2013

The horses from the other day.


It's not that blurry in real life, but poor lighting and I can't keep a camera steady. :P

May. 6th, 2013

I guess I won't tell you how the day went because I was bummed about how poorly my HBC was doing, but I will tell you that we got a call from a man who was getting out both his and his dog's meds and he accidently took his dog's meds. Phenobarbital. Wants to know if he'll be ok. At that point in the evening I laughed. And then I said, legally, I can't tell him anything. Have him call his doctor. My phone person is like "what if he can't get ahold of his doctor?" Legally, I can tell him nothing. He can go to the ER, that's why they are there. *sigh* He won't have any seizures maybe!

FYI, cmdr hadfield is teh awesome!

Edit: Okay okay, watch the one with the space jammies! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyFYgeE32f0

Re Edit: Try this one too about space exercise! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wam7poPzG1w

Apr. 14th, 2013

finch plus wren

I'm not sure what that red bird is. Perhaps a Pine Grosbeak? Hmmm.. I'll have to consult the big book of birds.

Cheeky buggers!


The chickadees are beside themselves with the over crowding. Hee.

And the big birds can't use the upright feeder very well so I'll have to refill the gazebo, since the squirrels spill it frequently.

Whoops, the nuthatch is back.
While writing a list of the 100 things i worry about for a writing exercise, here is perhaps the most troublesome.

76. I will be too afraid to fire a shotgun and therefore perish in the zombie apocalypse

Yes. I do worry about these things. You should too!

It's april 1st

I managed to get up for 30 seconds of sunshine before the rain hit again. I haven't been outside since I came home Thursday.

While I feel physically better, I had dreams all night of my belly button incision coming undone and spilling my guts on the floor. Some of the skin glue I discovered missing from that spot. But hopefully, my fat roll in that spot will keep everything adhesed.

Mom's making omelets and I'm checking the interwebs for amazing news stories from my friends.

Today is the day we try to get the dog back. I miss her so much! And i'm sure she's like, WTF is going on. We may also get some groceries and rent a movie.

That is my plan for the day. Also, to finish the 3rd town restoration plan in Harvest Moon, but you guys hardly care about that. :P

Mar. 2nd, 2013

The day I brought her home. <3




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